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Multiple Sclerosis is a condition for which there is currently no cure but I am convinced that the way we perceive a situation has a direct correlation with how we experience it.  I’m not certain who to give credit for this often heard affirmation, but it has been said that “Attitude is ten percent experience and ninety percent how we perceive it”.  The common experience amongst people diagnosed with MS is obviously the MS, the perception, and how it is dealt with, is then up to the individual. In Professor George Jelinek’s book, Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis, he discusses Connecticut surgeon, Dr. Bernie Siegal’s findings that the people who have recovered from serious illness, looked at the condition as a challenge and an opportunity for personal growth. “They tackle the illness actively, rather than being passive recipients of doctors’ treatments.”

The next series of entries will be based on how I perceive my diagnosis and the anecdotes I share will hopefully inspire others to change their perception and experience a feeling of empowerment.